Photography can be a craft, it can also be art. It can be a way to pay bills, but it can be a way of self-fulfillment. Photography has been present in my life for over 25 years. I gained my first experience as a press photographer working for magazines in Poland. During that time, I traveled a lot around the countries of the Middle East and the Orient. I did travel photography, nature photography, and political reportage. I published my works in numerous magazines, including the Polish version of "Travel Magazine". I am the author of several hundred publications and several photographic exhibitions.

   Based on my press experience, 10 years ago I founded Adam Tarniowy Photography. I specialize in newborn and wedding photography. Inspirations for my work are drawn from art. I love classical music and baroque paintings. This is reflected in my wedding portraits. For many years I have been working with Ela, who is my assistant for posing and lighting.

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   Clients often say to Ela that she is the "baby whisperer". The fact that Ela has a rare gift of quickly establishing contact with children, regardless of age. Whether it is a newborn, infant or toddler, I accept and feel that under her care, they are free and safe. She is able to calm down and comfort every newborn and encourage the older children to be carefree, have fun, and have a natural posture during the session.

   Ela has worked with Adam as an assistant since 1998. At that time, they made a series of reports under the title "Journey to the Source of Civilization." The next was "Aroud the Golden Triangle - opum trail" and several others.

   During newborn sessions, Ela designs compositions, selects props, and poses babies for photos. Part of the props she handcrafts and designs them for specific compositions. Skilled and delicate hands provide newborn safety and well-being.

   However, during wedding sessions, Ela is responsible for lighting the pictures, both using artificial lighting and natural lighting. The help of Ela during posing with group and individual photographers is very valuable. In fact, most of the photos in the portfolio would never have been made without her professional help. Ela is also second shooter in parts of wedding when it is necessary ( ceremony, reception, cocktail hour ).

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