The newborn sessions should be booked in advance (2-3 months before the due date). Of course, it is possible to book sessions even 1-2 weeks before the birth of the child. However, there is no guarantee that there will be available dates. Please send me an email asking for my availability. Since babies are often not born on the exact due date, we will often not be able to book a session on an exact date either. When the baby is actually born, please contact me, and I will work with your schedule. The session shot in August took place when the baby was 5-12 days old, as this is the best time to do it. A baby sleeps most of the time at that age, which makes our work much easier.

   Happy moms should contact me as soon as the baby is born to schedule a session. The session usually takes a couple of hours, most of which is spent preparing newborn for the session (also feeding, dressing, etc). Rushing through the session never gives good results. I try to start the sessions before noon and ask the parents to not schedule any other big or important events on that day, so our full attention is given to the little model.

   I perform the sessions on locations in the customer's home. I always have an assistant with me who has an extensive experience working with newborns. I also bring many accessories and props, such as blankets, furs, clothes, baskets. Parents are of course welcome to use and choose their own props. I need about 30 minutes to choose a suitable place for the session and to prepare the equipment. I shoot almost exclusively using the natural light from the windows. The temperature in the house/apartment should be at about 75F, as our little model will not be wearing a lot of clothes. I also always bring an small electric heater with me.

   Very often parents wish to have photographs taken with the baby. I will gladly take such photos, however, I request the parents to wear clothes in natural calm colors. Please avoid any large patterns, prints, logos, etc. Older siblings are also, of course, welcome to be in the photographs.

Your baby in ours hands

   To provide the best possible comfort for a happy mom and her baby, our sessions are organized in their home. It does not require great preparation from them. For a newborn session, we will need a little space that can be found in each house and natural light from the window (it is the most beautiful). Such a session is also a big event in the family's life and is carefully observed by the parents and often by the grandparents. The possibility of parent participation in the session gives them exceptional comfort and a sense of security.

   During the session our tasks are very precisely divided. Adam deals with lighting, preparing compositions for photography, and photography. Ela has made original compositions before the session for photos, prepares props, takes care of and poses the baby during the session. Posing newborn requires great patience and experience. The position in which we place baby are natural, so also safe. Only the kind of poses we do. On the internet you can find various ideas for posing a child. We refuse to perform such practices which in some way may be detrimental to newborn health.


Poses that we do not perform are:

- hammock (I think nobody wants to accidentally fall baby)

- frogs (the throat and neck of the baby - can cause breathing difficulties)

- on various hard and sharp objects such as guitar, piece of wood, bricks ... Parents sometimes have absurd ideas. We do not do such compositions.

Every shot is carefully posed. This requires exceptional patience and delicacy.

Lighting as well as heating during the session is very important.

The mother is always right next to her baby.

Pictures edition

   Editing photos is not visible to parents but a very important part of the newborn session. This is a task for Adam. Typically, editing a single photo takes about 30 minutes. Includes (depending on the needs) exposure correction, white balance, baby skin smoothing, removing various unnecessary elements from the picture. Filter application depending on the lighting, climate and color scheme of the composition. All editing is done manually, individually for each photo. No presets are used to achieve the best effects.

   Little Olivier before and after edition. The biggest challenge was erasing Ela's hand holding Olivier's leg. You can also see the image was cropped, clean and smooth the skin, add filters, contrast, sharpen and much more.

   Most often, the attention needs to be put on smoothing the newborn's skin. Discoloration and hives are natural but do not look good in the picture.

Mastering the Skills

  Maintaining high quality services requires not only commitment during the session or buying the latest types of props; but continuous training as well. The best opportunities for exchanging experiences, capture new techniques and the latest trends in neonatal photography are found at workshops. We both regularly participate in workshops organized by world-renowned artists such as Ana Brandt, Jerry Ghionis or Joe McNally, allowing us to grow our artistic abilities and open up to new ideas.

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