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   Hello, my name is Adam. I am a Chicago area photographer and would like to offer my services to your family. I photograph many cycles of life of an American family: from the pregnancy sessions, to the newborn sessions, to infant and toddler stages. I also do group, individual, and senior portraits. I also photograph engagement sessions and weddings.

   I shoot at location, in places where my clients are most comfortable and where large studio lights don't destroy the relaxed atmosphere so needed in family portraits. I shoot at home, in a park, in the city, on the beach or in banquet halls during events. Various settings give me the possibility to use all types of lighting and arranging the set beautifully. I always welcome suggestions about the set and lighting from my clients.

Family and children




Adam Tarniowy Photography       409 King Ave. East Dundee IL 60118       ph. 224 633 6310          email:

   One of the most often question I am being asked is "why interest in family photographs?". Today is a very fashionable style boudoir and wedding sessions bring their good profit. Portrait is always on time and there is always a demand. So why family? The answer is simple. Because I like that. Not everything we do in life must be focused solely on profit. Sometimes you should take a step further in the direction of passion (the hackneyed word). Of course I photograph weddings, they are a large of the enterprise, requiring high skills both in poses and reportage. And yet this responsibility ... You can perform wonderful work for good money. Portrait is a game with the light, composition and construction of a relationship with the person being photographed. I think the most important skills required. A family photography? I think that it is probably a little undervalued, treated with a grain of salt. Completely wrongly.

     For many years, I photograph the daily lives of people of many cultures, celebrations of various faiths and religions. I have witnessed political events, encountered the armed conflict and perpetuate the close of their dramatic impact ... I did photograph landscapes and wild animals. Many kinds of things. But always the largest number of satisfaction I had was taking portraits of the children. No one is so spontaneous, spontaneous but a demanding client. Family photography requires skills, work in all lighting conditions and in every location, capture spontaneous fun. Posed shot AF arrangement of both the newborn and a full of energy 6 year old or even a group of them. Climate capturing many generations of family meetings. One of the examples are special occasions; baptism, birthday celebrations, etc, with lots of people posing for picture...Many challenges, but I like challenges. Does this mean that I am such a good photographer? So experienced and unique? Not at all. In Chicago, there is a lot of wonderful artists and professionals at the same time. Certainly hundreds of them are equally or even more gifted from me. The metropolitan area of Chicago offers great possibilities to choose a good photographer and it would be great conceit on my part putting in work among the best. Simply complete its work in a way which seems best. On his way in his style. Well, I try to always learn something new, because in my opinion the work of photographer is the endless road of learning and experience.

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